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Hotel Service Kiosk

Hotels are changing the way guests check-in to their rooms, eliminating the traditional stop at the front desk to speed up, simplify and, in some cases, personalize the process. A self-check-in kiosk, when connected with the hotel’s PMS, can take customer service to a whole new level.
CLOVATEL Self-Service KIOSK is an all-in-one hotel KIOSK which include Facial recognition, Payment Gateway Integration, Passport/ National ID scanner, Cash Collector and many other attractive features. Self-Service KIOSK can be integrated with hotel PMS (Opera PMS, Protel, CLOVATEL PMS etc.) and with door lock systems (Saflok, Onity)

Walk in check-in , Reserved check-in and check-out
Encode, dispense and collect room key cards
Facial recognition
Payment Gateway Integration
Passport/ National ID scanner
Upgrade room, Swap room and Extend Room
Adapters available with Opera, Protel, Safflok, Onity, kaba
Cash Collector and dispenser
Receipt printer
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